Wild Kratts:
Ocean Adventure!


Get ready for an extraordinary adventure

Dive into the world of Wild Kratts to explore the lives of extraordinary creatures in three ocean environments including the seashore, shallow seas and the deep sea. Crawl through an anemone, hunt for lunch like a lobster, create your dolphin name, miniaturize in a tidal pool, discover the creatures of the ocean floor and more!


Exhibit Details

Content Focus

Science, technology, engineering and math


1,500 sq. ft.



Target Audience

Ages 3 to 9 | Families and school groups


Tallest component is 12 ft., but can be adjusted
1 truck, 12 – 4’x8′ wheeled collapsible carts

Exhibit Highlights

Some of the most popular components of the exhibit

The Tortuga

Begin your creature adventures at Wild Kratts HQ. Test a prototype for a colossal squid creature power suit and research marine animals.


Step across the miniaturizer and shrink down to get an up-close experience with hardy tide pool creatures. Catch lunch like a lobster, create a symmetrical starfish and “swim” through anemone tentacles.

Shallow Seas

Dive into explorations of some of the most popular marine animals. Clean algae off a shark, replace a shark’s teeth as quickly as they fall out and create your own dolphin name.

Deep Sea

Pilot the Amphi-sub to the darkest ocean depths and view creatures living along the sea floor, simulate a sperm whale’s booming power and interact with rarely seen deep-sea creatures.

Playful Learning

By harnessing children’s natural curiosity and interest in animals, the exhibit aims to:

  • Provide meaningful, inquiry-based STEM experiences in which children use critical thinking skills and discover amazing creature powers
  • Foster and promote the power of teamwork through collaborative experiences and dramatic play
  • Build confidence through fun, exciting challenges, and opportunities to pursue individual interests
  • Through play, leverage and appreciate 21st century skills – our own creature powers!
  • Fuel adults’ sense of wonder, curiosity and a lifelong love of learning

"My son has enjoyed this exhibit so much. He loves the Kratt Brothers and for him to come in to see the exhibit has been a blast for him."

Visitor at Upcountry History Museum