Join Chris and Martin Kratt on a Creature Adventure!

  • Attendance-boosting appeal
  • Based on the consistently top-rated PBS Kids® TV show, Wild Kratts
  • Multi-layered messaging for children and adults alike

Exhibit Details

Content focus
Science, Technology, Engineering and Math

1,500 sq. ft. (140 sq. m.)


Note: Tentative bookings are not listed online. Please contact us to confirm the availability.

Target audience
Ages 3 to 9
Families and school groups


  • Opportunities to develop and practice 21st century learning skills
  • Immersive animal habitats featuring Wild Kratts characters
  • Top-notch educational, marketing and installation materials
  • Exhibit props and costumes
  • Responsive support from experienced staff
  • Collapsible, stackable carts

Brochure (PDF)

Irresistible and Engaging Environments

Activate Creature Power!®
Visitors dive into the world of Wild Kratts® to explore the secret lives of extraordinary creatures in this brand new exhibit. They immerse themselves in ocean habitats and discover incredible creature powers.

To the Creature Rescue!
Through an inquiry-based approach, children explore age-appropriate science concepts central to marine animals’ lives. Using Wild Kratts technology and the powers of science and teamwork, they join the Wild Kratts team to solve problems, help fascinating creatures and undermine the villains’ nefarious plans.

See You on the Creature Trail!
Visitors explore three ocean environments including the Seashore, the Shallow Seas and the Deep Sea. They crawl through an anemone, hunt for lunch like a lobster, create their own dolphin name, miniaturize in a tidal pool, explore the creatures of the ocean floor and more!


Contact Michelle Wright,
Traveling Exhibits Manager

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“We’re thrilled at the opportunity to help families experience the adventurous world of Wild Kratts. The exhibit uses the power of play to give children opportunities to develop critical thinking, collaboration, confidence and more.”

— Dianne Krizan, president of Minnesota Children’s Museum

“This exhibit gets kids moving and thinking while they explore important concepts in science and the natural world.”

— Chris Kratt, executive producer of Wild Kratts and co-founder of Kratt Brothers Company