Minnesota Children’s Museum (MCM) is known for creating interactive exhibits that give kids (and adults!) the opportunity to explore their interests and build lifelong learning skills like confidence, critical and creative thinking, collaboration and more.

MCM is now offering quality exhibits and components for purchase. Based on our mission of “sparking children’s learning through play,” all of our components have been designed by experts to give your visitors a fun, engaging, and educational experience.

Please note: Components may have IP elements that need to be removed/altered before the component can be presented to the public.

Discounts for purchases of two or more components! 

Inquire at travelingexhibits@mcm.org or 651-225-6053 

Exhibit Components



This lighthouse makes a fun photo op in any space!

Size: 9 ft. 2 high, approx. 3 ft. wide
Price: $4,000


Imagination Stage

Visitors will want to “step right up, choose video clip at the kiosk, and step on stage to join the fun. Seating is arranged in front of the stage so other visitors can participate as audience members.  

Size: 8’ 6” high, footprint 16’ x 12’
Price: $20,000 

Tot Spot-1a

Confidence Course

This playland for small children includes a tunnel to crawl through, a small roof to climb over, and activities along the short wall, which doubles as seating. 

Size: 7’ 9” high, footprint 10’ X 16’
Price: $24,000 


House of Muse

This house includes tabletops on opposite walls, making a great space for writing, drawing, or crafting! Visitors can bring home their creations or display them on the side of the house. When combined with the post office, visitors can write letters and mail them. 

Size: 9’ 6” high, footprint 7’ x 8’
Price: $8,400 


Home Sweet Home

The porch of the house has a flower box where visitors can plant or pick flowers and “water” them. 

Size: 27’’ X 86’’
Price: $1,000 


Special Delivery

This post office includes a mailbox, bench, and mail sorting station. You can add to the fun by including costumes, mail,” or letter writing materials. 

Size: 7’ 10” high, footprint 5’ X 8’
Price: $6,000  


Farmer's Market Stand

Children sort fruits and vegetables into labeled baskets and adults can join in the fun of being a customer or vendor. The market or vending cart can reflect the community through a variety of produce and photos of local farmers markets.

Plastic produce (Corn, Onion, Potato, Cucumber, Carrot , Pepper, Tomato)

Price: $3,000


Friendly Ferry

Visitors are the ship’s captains as they steer the ferry and listen to ocean noises. The captain’s deck accommodates two visitors, and is wheelchair accessible. Seating is arranged around the deck for passengers, and can comfortably accommodate up to 8 adults. 

Size: 8 ft, 5 in. high, footprint 8’ x 12’
Price: $14,000 


Collaboration Kitchen

Visitors take on the role of restaurant workers cooking, cleaning, and serving food to people sitting at the counter. A cash register, order pads, and menu are included to help promote early literacy and math skills. 

Size: 8’ 4” high, footprint 5’ x 10’
Price: $7,500 


Beach Builder

Visitors play in a large, bone-shaped beach area that includes a sculpted sandcastle visitors can take apart and put together like a puzzle. Several shells of various shapes and sizes are fixed to the bottom of the box. A treasure chest stands near the side of the box, filled with plastic fish that can be connected together by the youngest visitors. (This component does not contain real sand.) 

Size: 7’ 6” high, footprint 4’ X 6’
Price: $3,600 


Ship Ahoy

This impressive passenger ship showcases an anchor on the outside and includes a book nook with a bone bench, and a lot of great wall space for displays. 

Size: 9’ 2” high, footprint 14’ X 12’
Price: $20,000 


It’s a Dog’s Life

Visitors collaborate to keep the dog bowl full by loading food into the dog bowl using a conveyor belt.  

Size: 66” diameter, 24” high
Price: $1,500 


Light Rail Train

Price: $2,000



Price: $2,000


Puzzle Crates

In stock crate includes: Spin a story, Rhyming peg board, Letter motor boards: Sky, bird, owl

Price: $200

Complete Exhibits

Go Figure_Arthur-1

Go Figure (full exhibit)

Throughout this discovery-filled exhibit, five popular children’s books are brought to life in gigantic reproductions of the artists’ original illustrations. This exhibit features Arthur’s Pet Business by Marc Brown, The Doorbell Rang by Pat Hutchins, The Quilt by Ann Jonas, Frog and Toad Are Friends: A Lost Button by Arnold Lobel, Goldilocks and the Three Bears by James Marshall.

Size: 750 square feet
Price: $35,000