Minnesota Children’s Museum (MCM) is known for creating interactive exhibits that give kids (and adults!) the opportunity to explore their interests and build lifelong learning skills like confidence, critical and creative thinking, collaboration and more.

MCM is now offering quality components and exhibits for purchase. Based on our mission of “sparking children’s learning through play,” all of our components have been designed by experts to give your visitors a fun, engaging, and educational experience.

Please note: Components may have IP elements that need to be removed/altered before the component can be presented to the public.

Discounts for purchases of two or more components! 

Inquire at travelingexhibits@mcm.org or 651-225-6053 

Exhibit Components


Farmer's Market Stand

Children sort fruits and vegetables into labeled baskets and adults can join in the fun of being a customer or vendor. The market or vending cart can reflect the community through a variety of produce and photos of local farmers markets.

Plastic produce (Corn, Onion, Potato, Cucumber, Carrot , Pepper, Tomato)

Price: $3,000


Light Rail Train

Price: $2,000


Puzzle Crates

In stock crate includes: Spin a story, Rhyming peg board, Letter motor boards: Sky, bird, owl

Price: $200

Run!, Jump!, Fly! Exhibit Components

MCM is now offering quality exhibit components from Run! Jump! Fly! Adventures in Action! for purchase. Based on our mission of “sparking children’s learning through play,” all of our components have been designed by experts to give your visitors a fun, engaging, and educational experience.

Inquire by reaching Michelle Wright at mwright@mcm.org or 651-225-6053

02.0 Entry


The entry panel (three hinged panels with options for configuration) welcomes the visitors into the high-energy environment of the exhibit with a giant graphic novel cover page that gives a sneak preview of the adventures ahead.

Size: 5’ by 2’ (panel 1,) 2.5’ by 2’ (panel 2), 2’ by 2’ by 2’ (kiosk)

Price: $1,000

08.0 Climbing Canyon

Strength – Climbing Canyon

Use hand and footholds to make your way across a horizontal climbing wall. Choose from four paths color-coded for difficulty: Beginners’ Bend, Toddler Trail, Rugged Ridge and Extreme Expance. All routes lead into a cave to find a golden treasure.

Size: 22’ by 12’

Price: $26,400

24.0 Flycycle

Endurance – Flycycle Sky

Ride a bicycle with wings and see how far you can go in two minutes. A star will light up in the sky for every few rotations of the wheel. Can you light up all the stars in the sky before the rocket disappears?

Size: 5’ by 8’ (helicopter). 5’ by 10’ (flycycle)

Price: $8,000

42.0 Strength Center

Strength Center

A kid-friendly interpretation of gym equipment encourages visitors to experiment with upper and lower-body strength. In any order, visitors can try the Monkey Bars, two Leg Presses, Self Weighted Rower, and Adaptive Chin-up Bar.

Size: 15’ by 4’

Price: $6,000

03.0 Surf Snow

Balance – Surf Snow

Four balance boards— two basic and two more advanced– are positioned in front of a rear-projection DVD screen. A motion sensor triggers a two-minute video sequence. First, pine trees and snowflakes zip by, putting the visitor in the role of a snowboarder on a mountain. After 15 seconds, the image takes the snowboarder off the edge of a cliff and sailing into the clouds before landing— as a surfer— in the ocean. When the montage of cresting and curling waves subside, the scene gently fades into a tranquil beach. Throughout the sequence, air blows gentle winds at the visitors from two ducts.

Size: 10’ by 15’

Price: $15,000

16.0 Kung Fu Forrest

Coordination – Kung Fu Forest

Enter a clearing in a bamboo forest. Begin the kung fu session with a bow to show respect. Learn three animal stances and then combine them into a flow of action.

Size: 18’ by 6’

Price: $10,800

Yoga Station

Simple pictograms guide visitor to sample four yoga poses.

Size: 5’ by 5’

Price: $2,500

RJF Dance Club

Dance Club

Choose dance videos to watch. Follow the dancer on the screen— or go freestyle! Put your finger in the pulse monitor to see if dancing changes your heart rate.

Size: 5’ by 5’

Price: $2,500

RJF Toddler Pyramid

Toddler Pyramid

Climb the pyramid steps or pull yourself up the climbing net. Once you are on top you can slide down.

Size: 10’ by 7.5’

Price: $7,500

Complete Exhibits

Go Figure_Arthur-1

Go Figure (full exhibit)

Throughout this discovery-filled exhibit, five popular children’s books are brought to life in gigantic reproductions of the artists’ original illustrations. This exhibit features Arthur’s Pet Business by Marc Brown, The Doorbell Rang by Pat Hutchins, The Quilt by Ann Jonas, Frog and Toad Are Friends: A Lost Button by Arnold Lobel, Goldilocks and the Three Bears by James Marshall.

Size: 750 square feet
Price: $35,000