Wallace & Gromit:
Get Cracking!


Get ready for a cracking good time

Step into the north England home of Wallace, the cheese-loving inventor, and his loyal and intelligent dog, Gromit. Launch porridge from a cannon, activate the Get-U-Up device, complete a cracking contraption and blast off in the iconic orange rocket!

Exhibit Details

Content Focus

Science, technology, engineering, math and problem solving


2,000 sq. ft.



Target Audience

Ages 3 to 9 | Families and school groups


Tallest component is 13 ft., but can be adjusted
2 trucks, 16 – 4’x8′ wheeled carts that are collapsible

Exhibit Highlights

Some of the most popular components of the exhibit

62 West Wallaby Street

Greet Wallace and pose for a picture with him, use the porridge cannon to fling porridge into a bowl, repair Autochef, activate the Get-U-Up device and design your own contraptions at a light table.

Wallace’s Workshop

Create a circuit to activate the Knit-o-Matic, make a gear machine to move elements fixed to a magnetic wall and learn about well-known products that were invented by accident or discovery.


In the cozy interior of the iconic orange ship, set a course for the moon, try your hand at a fast-paced puzzle and build a house of cards.


Pretend to drive and load Preston’s truck. Explore a retrospective mounted to the truck’s exterior that contains objects from Aardman Studios and provides a brief history and highlights of problem-solving in the clay animation process.

Playful Learning

Through immersive environments based on 62 West Wallaby Street, the exhibit aims to:

  • Invite visitors to explore and engage with the contraptions, antics and escapades of Wallace and Gromit through immersive, dramatic play opportunities
  • Provide opportunities for visitors to playfully solve and talk about problems in a fun and low-risk environment
  • Make visible the problem-solving process and strategies for solving them successfully
  • Frame life’s problems as opportunities for developing resilience
WG_Gear Machine

"Our visitors really loved it! It brought lots of new and exciting guests to our museum this summer."

Hope Myers, our Director of Exhibits and Facilities at Port Discovery Children’s Museum