Tally-ho! Get ready for a right bit o’ fun!

  • Immersive creative play for all ages and abilities
  • Rich content based on the popular Wallace and Gromit™ film series from Aardman Studios
  • Attendance-boosting appeal

Exhibit Details

Content focus
STEM and Problem solving

1,500 sq. ft.


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Target audience
Ages 3 to 9
Families and school groups


  • Immersive environment where visitors solve creative problems at the home of Wallace and Gromit at 62 West Wallaby Street
  • Contraptions, a rocket, and interactive surprises
  • Top-notch educational, marketing and installation materials
  • Exhibit props and costumes
  • Responsive support from experienced staff
  • Text graphics in English and Spanish

Irresistible and Engaging Environments

In this hands-on exhibit, visitors step into the north England home of Wallace, the cheese-loving inventor, and his loyal and intelligent dog, Gromit. Inside 62 West Wallaby Street, visitors set the dining room for tea, launch porridge from a cannon, and help fix Autochef. Visitors activate the Get-U-Up device, design their own contraptions, complete a cracking contraption, and blast off in a rocket! Plus, visitors have a ball solving problems at The Problem-atic, hop into Preston’s truck to travel throughout the village, and grab a sheep seat, where the youngest visitors enjoy busy wall activities and cozy up to read a book. 

Skills in Action
Children engage in a variety of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) challenges from simple sorting and shape identification to circuits and gear trains. These interactive opportunities encourage visitors to:

  • Critical Thinking: Ask questions with intention of finding answers
  • Confidence: Display resilience by overcoming obstacles
  • Critical Thinking: Gather information to inform experience
  • Creative Thinking: Get inspired by surroundings/situation
  • Critical Thinking: Explain outcomes: What? How? Why?
  • Critical Thinking: Determine the “so what?” and “what’s next?”


Contact Michelle Wright,
Traveling Exhibits Manager

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