UnBaa-lieveable Fun on the Farm!

  • Immersive creative play for all ages and abilities
  • Rich content based on the popular Shaun the Sheep™ television and film series from Aardman Studios
  • Attendance-boosting appeal

Exhibit Details

Content focus
Social-Emotional problem solving

1,500 sq. ft.


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Target audience
Ages 3 to 9
Families and school groups


  • Immersive environment where visitors explore Mossy Bottom Farm
  • Stop motion animation stations
  • Top-notch educational, marketing and installation materials
  • Exhibit props and costumes
  • Responsive support from experienced staff
  • Text graphics in English and Spanish
Irresistible and Engaging Environments
Explore the antics of Shaun the Sheep and his pals on Mossy Bottom Farm, brought to life through dramatic play and interactive opportunities. Visitors get busy inside the barn, where they can hop on balance boards, traverse the wall, and balance on tires; all while wearing their favorite “championsheep” inspired costumes. At the farmhouse, visitors arrange characters in the windows according to the rules of life on the farm. At the scrap heap they create a stop motion animation by reusing discarded materials. And at the pig wallow they explore how different people solve a problem in different ways.

Plus, visitors have a ball solving problems at The Problem-atic, hop into a truck to travel from the village to the farm, and grab a sheep seat, where the youngest visitors enjoy busy wall activities and cozy up to read a book.

Skills in Action

Children engage in a variety of social-emotional problem solving challenges from helping out farm friends to identifying different emotions. These interactive opportunities encourage visitors to continue to develop:

  • Confidence: Exhibit sureness/belief in oneself
  • Self-Control: Keep self-initiated goals in mind
  • Collaboration: Accept differences and others’ thoughts and ideas
  • Creative Thinking: Overlook restrictions or perceived limitations
  • Critical Thinking: Understand and assess strategies used; think about thinking


Contact Michelle Wright,
Traveling Exhibits Manager

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