Shaun the Sheep:
Flock This Way!


Unbaa-lievable fun on the farm

Enjoy the antics of Shaun the Sheep and his pals on Mossy Bottom Farm! Move your body in the barn, create a stop motion animation using materials from the scrap heap, help a friend in need at the pig wallow and more.

Exhibit Details

Content Focus

Social-emotional problem solving


1,500 sq. ft.



Target Audience

Ages 3 to 9 | Families and school groups


Tallest component is 13 ft., but can be adjusted
2 trucks, 16 – 4’x8′ wheeled carts that are collapsible

Exhibit Highlights

Some of the most popular components of the exhibit

The Barn

Care for plush sheep and clean up the barn, use holds to traverse the wall, test your arm strength using a broom as a pull-up bar and balance on tires.

Scrap Heap

Use odds and ends from the heap to create a short animation using a simple program. A toilet atop the heap provides a fun way to return materials when finished.

Pig Wall: Tree Nuts and Character Scramble

The wall of the pig wallow hosts two touchscreen-based games. In Tree Nuts, build a tower to rescue a member of the flock who’s stuck in a tree. In Character Scramble, drag characters in and out of the farmhouse windows to arrange them in a way that works according to the rules of the farm.


Load crates from the farmstand and pretend to drive them to the market. A retrospective mounted to the truck exterior contains objects from Aardman Studios and provides a brief history and highlights of problem-solving in the clay animation process.

Garden and Farmstand

Plant and harvest vegetables at a small, raised garden and sell them at the adjacent farmstand along with other locally prepared goods. Help Bitzer plan his busy day around the farm and arrange a garden using sliding puzzle tiles.

Playful Learning

Through immersive environments based on Mossy Bottom Farm, the exhibit aims to:

  • Invite visitors to explore and engage with the antics and escapades of Shaun and his friends through immersive, dramatic play opportunities
  • Provide opportunities for visitors to playfully solve and talk about problems in a fun and low-risk environment
  • Make visible the problem-solving process and strategies for solving them successfully
  • Frame life’s problems as opportunities for developing resilience

“In the Shaun and the Sheep exhibit, kids are learning alongside Shaun and the characters in the show to think about the different aspects of life on a farm. Play is how children learn. It's how they grow and develop, and they're given that opportunity here in this exhibit.”

National Children’s Museum