Dinosaurs: Land of Fire and Ice


Dino-mite fun with touchable dinosaurs

Travel back in time to explore the age of the dinosaurs! Encounter unfamiliar landscapes and touchable dinosaurs of all shapes and sizes. Dig for fossils, explore a swampy bog and oozing volcano, climb through icy terrain and more. Based on environments during the end of the Cretaceous period, the exhibit builds on children’s innate curiosity about dinosaurs while promoting scientific thinking and learning.

Exhibit Details

Content Focus

Paleontology, geography, science inquiry and life science


2,000 sq. ft.



Target Audience

Ages 3 to 10 | Families and school groups


Tallest component is 10 ft.
2 trucks, 16 – 4’x8’ wheeled collapsible carts

Exhibit Highlights

Some of the most popular components of the exhibit

Land of Fire

Scamper through a tunnel beneath a large, smoldering volcano and bounce across a bog walk in an environment based on warm dinosaur habitats that existed in present-day Montana 70 million years ago.

Land of Ice

Explore a small, icy cave filled with a northern lights effect, swoosh down an icy slide and create a Cretaceous food chain in an environment based on cold dinosaur habitats that existed in present-day Alaska 70 million years ago.

Touchable Dinosaurs

Encounter fully touchable, realistic dinosaurs that incorporate recent scientific findings about their colors, textures and structural forms. Crawl beneath the mighty Tyrannosaurus rex, Triceratops, Edmontosaurus and Troodon.

Field Research Station

Hone your science inquiry skills as you investigate clues about the dinosaurs. Gear up with goggles and research vests and unearth fossils in a dig pit, work collaboratively to complete an over-sized puzzle and play a fossil identification matching game.

Digital Dinosaurs

Imagine and create a colorful dinosaur. Then upload it to a large, interactive projection of an animated dinosaur habitat and watch it come alive!

Playful Learning

Through immersive habitats that transport visitors back in time to when dinosaurs last roamed the land, the exhibit aims to:

  • Leverage the high appeal of and curiosity about dinosaurs to spark children’s interest in science
  • Engage visitors in meaningful science experiences and activities that use scientific thinking skills and focus on natural history and paleontology
  • Promote whole-body learning by creating activities that incorporate large motor skills and dramatic play
  • Provide opportunities to build vocabulary and oral language skills through fun and engaging science activities

"Visitors expressed that they were ecstatic to have dinosaur-related activities for their children in Springfield. Many said this has been their favorite of our temporary exhibits thus far. The exhibit boosted gift shop sales."


"Children love dinosaurs."

Smyrna Outdoor Adventure Center