Curious George:
Let’s Get Curious!


Promote STEM learning with Curious George

Climb into the imaginative world of Curious George and The Man with the Yellow Hat in this playful exhibit inspired by the world’s most curious monkey! Operate wheels to help George climb a building, putt a hole of mini golf, blast off in a rocket, build a whirligig and follow George’s lead as you engage in STEM activities modeled after George’s own adventures.

Exhibit Details

Content Focus

Science, technology, engineering and math


1,500 sq. ft. and 2,500 sq. ft.


1,500 sq. ft.| $40,000
2,500 sq. ft.| $60,000

Target Audience

Ages 3 to 7 | Families and school groups


Tallest component is 13 ft., but can be adjusted to 9 ft.
1,500 sq. ft.| 1 truck, 12 – 4’x8’ wheeled carts
2,500 sq. ft.| 2 trucks, 20 – 4’x8’ wheeled carts

Exhibit Highlights

Some of the most popular components of the exhibit


Using wheels and pulleys, maneuver George up, down and across the exterior windows of his iconic apartment building. Explore light, shadow and color inside and out.

Construction Site

Build structures using multi-shaped blocks and work with others to move materials through a conveyor system on this bustling construction site.

Mini Golf

Experiment with physics, engineering and math as you putt your way through three miniature golf holes.

Space Rocket

The exhibit wouldn’t be complete without the famous rocket from George’s space adventure. Climb up the rocket, peek out the porthole and slide back down to Earth!

Down on the Farm

Experience the power of wind and cause-and-effect while using fans to move a collection of yard ornaments. Build and test your own whirligigs in the barn.

Playful Learning

Through an immersive environment based on the popular Curious George books and television series, the exhibit aims to:

  • Spark children’s innate curiosity about the world
  • Provide fun, meaningful science, math and engineering experiences that allow children to use inquiry skills and broaden critical thinking skills for investigating the world, solving problems and making decisions
  • Provide experiences that encourage conversations about science, math and engineering concepts
  • Make children’s STEM learning visible to parents and caregivers
  • Emphasize the critical role that parents and caregivers play in children’s STEM learning

“This exhibit was incredibly loved by our visitors. The number of experiences and scale of the set pieces was impressive and filled the physical exhibit hall in a way we've never seen before. This exhibit will certainly be missed!”

National Children’s Museum

“Guests love Curious George!”

Smyrna Outdoor Adventure Center

“The Curious George Exhibit was loved by all and was a big driver of attendance in the fall.”

Da Vinci Science Center