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Spin the wheel, roll the dice and hop, skip and jump through the rousing world of Game On! Race to the finish on a life-size board game, beat the clock in a mystery word game and flex your coordination with quirky ping-pong tables and a 3D Twister board.

Exhibit Details

Content focus: Physical Play, Communication and Collaborative Play
Size: 2,500 sq. ft.
Price: $70,000 (plus inbound shipping)
Target audience: Children ages 3 to 9, families and school groups
Available to rent in 2026 and beyond

Visitors Explore
    • A life-sized board game that leverages whole-body learning to move through a three-dimensional playing board.
    • Zany brain challenges that might look recognizable, but come with a quirky twist.
    • A word competition that has different levels for everyone.
    • Having fun moving their bodies in a dancing game against their rival.
    • Busy wall activities and cozy spot to sit in a dedicated tot spot.
    • Finding a familiar (or new!) table top game to play with others.
Learning Goals
    • Invite visitors to move through a variety of games, using large and small coordination skills.
    • Provide opportunities for visitors to collaborate and compete in a low-risk, friendly environment.
    • Strengthen language and communication skills.
    • Build confidence through fun, exciting and age-appropriate challenges.